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Woodcock hunting

Aperçu d'une bécasse

Falls Gully Outfitter is located in the Canton Robidoux, and is near the legendary Bonaventure River in Gaspésie, in the south- east of the St Laurent River, south-west of the Chic-Choc Mountains.

Climatic conditions and the biotope of Baie-des-Chaleurs allow the presence of a particularly high number of American Woodcocks and Crested Grouses. Moreover, migration of game starts as of the end of September continuing through all of October thus making it possible to hunt with favorable conditions in a high density zone. Thanks to the work of our guides and their pointers, raised daily averages easily reach 30, which guarantee you an unforgettable experience of top-of-the- range hunting. Of course, the contribution of your canine companions is accepted and we will have the duty to provide all the necessary equipment, on the spot, for the good care of your companions.

Chasseur à la bécasse et son chien

The Québec legislation authorizes four (4) Woodcocks and five (5) Grouses per day of hunting/hunter with a total limit of sixteen (16) Woodcocks and ten (10) Grouses for your stay. You can bring your firearms subject to recording a Non-Resident Firearms Declaration with the appropriate Canadian agency (25$CAD) prior to your entry on the Canadian territory. (Communicate with us in order to obtain advance information).

We will greet you at your arrival with a welcome cocktail, direct you to your rooms, present your assigned guide, establish your plan and build a hunting team for the week according to the evolution of hunting and the migration.

The hunting is held on our various territories in varied biotopes, accompanied by a guide, its dog’s and its vehicle. The breakfast is taken at the lodge each morning. The departures towards cover will follow.

In complement of your canine squad, our guides will use for the majority “continental” dog types. They are very efficient bird “discoverers”. Their work in search makes it possible for each one of you to see them evolving/moving on the ground, and you will be capable to note the quality and the intensity of their stop, allowing you to have a reasonable chance to cut down your game.

Chasseur à la bécasse dans la forêt

Covers management for lifting’s optimization

We favor the covers management by workbook, which we perform with movement and communication between the guides, so we’re able to place you in front of good lifting qualities without exhausting our covers. Rotation and regular optimized data acquisition of the biotopes are the essential conditions of this good management. Hunting being hunting, we will make our best to give you all the possible chances during the season, its migration and weather.

Chasseur et ses 3 chiens après une bonne chasse Chasseur et son chien après une partie de chasse Groupe de chasseur et leur transport