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Various complementary tourist activities!

Le rocher percé en Gaspésie

N B.: Activities offered with the help of certain expenses. Price on demand.

People and Autochthone’s culture, Acadian history and modern entertainment, the virgin coast of the Gaspésie and our breathtaking environment awaits you. Come and discover or possibly rediscover the Bay-des-Chaleurs.

Jacques Cartier gave it the name of Bay-des-Chaleurs. Still today, the summers are hot, the skies are a brilliant blue and the water is warm during the months of July and August. This exceptionally beautiful and tepid bay with its cordial people who live along its banks is a must experience.

The picturesque mountains of the Chic-Choc chain surround the Bay-des-Chaleurs in a powerful hold. Within these hills grow rich forests of various conifers, of which majestic white pines dominate the banks of the bay like sentinels. The birch, poplar, sumac and maple trees grow there too. In the autumn, when the leaves change colors, the hills are covered with a spectacular coat of red and yellow on a green bottom of spinets and fir trees.

The local wildlife such as the majestic moose and the white-tailed deer are often seen by passing motorists. The outdoor amateurs can also see the black bear, foxes, martens and several other types of mammals which compose great faunal diversity recognized throughout the province of Quebec.

If you appreciate nature, you will undoubtedly be inspired by the many species of shore birds and migratory birds, of which the gannet plunges into the water in a spectacular feet searching for a meal. Also the flight of Arctic terns, ducks and geese will fascinate the curious. For those with a sharp eye, you’ll possibly see Osprey fishing, the hen harrier and other species of sparrow hawks, as well as great blue heron and the grey bihoreau. The Northern conifer forests of the area are also used as habitat for the falcon, the striped owl, the grouse and the white head sea eagle.

Designated site of the UNESCO world heritage, the Miguasha Park protects remains of history going back to more than 365 million years. We find fossils in the exhibition site, and it’s possible to climb cliffs, where we see remainders of plants and prehistoric creatures.

The Gaspésie peninsula looks like a postcard, lustrous from one end to another of escarped hills, broken coasts and hundreds of shore birds. Rising from the water like a gigantic stone ship, the Percé rock is one of the single most natural attractions of its kind in the Bay-des-Chaleurs.

You’ll find in our area a vast variety of open air leisure’s or therapeutic thalassotherapy centers. Walking excursions in a full natural setting, or more challenging levels like climbing along cliffs, or possibly boat or kayak on our clear and quiet waters will leave you with lasting memories.

Amateurs de plaisance fesant du Kayak Port de bateau sur nos lacs

For nature lovers, many complementary activities to our hunting and fishing packages can be done starting from the outfitter:

  • Hiking :
    Leave on an adventure and discover “Domaine des Chutes du ruisseau creux” with a guide. It is a dream place for those wishing to have a closer contact with nature. Only few minutes from Falls Gully Outfitters, you’ll be able to discover a little over 50 kms of paths along the splendid Bonaventure River. During this excursion, the splendor of our forests will leave you in wonderment.
  • Whales observation day at Percé, a true adventure to be discovered. Largest mammals on this earth (blue whale, humpback whale, common fin-back whale, right whale, common seal, pilgrim-shark) will leave you in awe and satisfy even the curious.
  • Canoe river descent with or without guided assistance.
  • Departure in the morning for a photo safari with a guide.
  • Guided visit of the St-Elzéar’s caves, the oldest caves in Quebec (almost a half-million years old), you will be able to observe the largest variety of concretions (stalactites, stalagmites and others), and for the most adventurous, you will even be able to visit the underground caves, for a guaranteed rush.
  • Bioparc of Gaspésie: discover the natural heritage through a representation of five ecosystems: the bay, the barachois, the river, the forest and the tundra. Along one kilometer, observe more than thirty indigenous animal species in a semi-freedom format and more than seventy plant species in their respective ecosystem.
  • Acadian museum of Quebec: A museum of history and ethnology which reports the attractive life of the moving Acadian by Quebec.
  • British heritage village of Gaspésie: Plunge into the middle of history by visiting the 24 buildings of this historical village and revive the palpitating time of pioneers.
  • Museum of the Cascapédia River: This museum makes you discover the lifestyle of the inhabitants having lived with the accesses of the Cascapédia River. This river has a captivating history since Lords, rich folk, famous personalities and even a princess lived on the shore of this splendid river.
  • Miguasha National park: It preserves a fossil cliff whose reputation has made it around the planet since its discovery in the XIX century. The fish and plant fossils testify to a life having existed 370 million years ago. The park belongs to the world heritage of UNESCO which recognizes it like an exceptional natural site.
  • National historical place of Canada of Battle-of-the-Ristigouche:
    Interpretation center where exposure makes it possible to visitors to relive the perilous crossing of the fleet of goods with the help of New-France.
  • Gespeg Micmac’s culture interpretation center:
    You’ll be able to appreciate the traditional lifestyle of the Micmacs and their ancestors. Exceptionally decorated, where it is accurately reproduced by traditional techniques, enables you to understand the Micmac ingenuity.
  • Thalassotherapy center:
    Aqua-Mer was the first thalassotherapy center in North America to propose general cure services to get you back into shape. Large interior swimming pool (heated sea water).
  • Many activities available at the outfitter with your packages:
    • Pedalboats
    • Hiking around lakes
    • Mushroom gathering
    • Swimming
    • Plays for children (basket, bicycle…)

Our personnel will be pleased to help our guests plan their excursions.

Guide Martin Poisson sur la rivière Bonaventure