◊ Services and equipment ◊

Our services and equipment

Here’s a summary of services offered in complements of the various packages, and description of the equipment used for the achievement of those:

Our services

  • Reservation services for "personalized" hunting & fishing packages;
  • Constant monitoring of hunting territories;
  • Management and support of formalities relating to registration with the various drawings (Atlantic salmon and big game);
  • Arrangement and transport logistics;
  • Game and catches management;
  • Greetings and supervision at customers arrival;
  • Availability, at any time and on request, of a tour-guide (with the help of certain expenses);
  • Equipment sale;
  • 24/7 communication available with a manager of the outfitter. GPS configurations available for your hunting territories (with the help of certain expenses);
  • Load compensation services for your personal marine batteries.

Our Equipment

  • Double watchtowers with ladder and safety harness;
  • Fixed covers on scaffold system with stairs (4’X8’);
  • Mobile ground tent-covers and on scaffold;
  • 2 ATV’s 4 X 4;
  • 1 “pick-up” style truck with crew cabin;
  • Trailers of various length;
  • 3 river boats, 24’ to 26’ with motor (for Salmon fishing);
  • 14 lake boats, 12’ and 8 electrical trolling motors;
  • 2 diesel generators with great distribution’s capacity.