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Trout fishing (Brook Trout)

Deux belles prises de truites

The outfitter offers you exclusive access to 2 lakes, with Grand Lac Robidoux being the largest with its 2 km long. Brook Trout or commonly called “speckled trout” find itself in considerable quantity. The statute known as “native” of this halieutic wildlife guarantees you very combative specimens of beauty without equal. From its subterranean provisioning of water sources, the Grand Lac Robidoux is recognized for its clear and limpid water, supporting perennially of the wild statute of the wildlife which lives it. The Petit Lac Robidoux, of less imposing surface but still about a km long, is annually stocked in order to offer a constant fishing quality adequately meeting fishermen’s expectations eager to initiate themselves with the activity. Of all for all tastes!

Whether your holding a spinning or a fly rod, you’ll be able to admire splendid panoramas, particularly at the twilight, predilection time for anglers, where calm nature offers sublimes moments of serenity.

Experts or beginners, everyone are ensured of a personalized fishing product meeting their expectations, happening in a peaceful sector offering all necessary comforts of a stay in full nature. Moreover, evisceration and the setting to conservation of the catches are included with our trout fishing packages.

Les installations sous la brume

Supervision and services

Guides services are also available according to the availabilities and for a fee. The latter, fine experts of manners and practices of our wildlife and water resources will hasten to transmit their knowledge and will put all works about it in order to make sure of the success of your stay on our premises.

Fishing in lake is performed with safe 12 feet boats propelled by electrical motor only. You can bring your own motor or rent one on the spot. A load maintenance service of your marine battery is offered to you without expenses.

Evisceration, packing and freezing services are offered to you and included with our packages. Thus, all is ready for transport when departure time comes.

All boats are checked and cleaned at excursions return and thus, your equipment is ready for your next exit.

Conventional and synthetic baits are available on the spot with the help of certain expenses.

L'auberge au coucher de soleil


Brook Trout Fishing
What you should bring ...

  • Short sleeve and long sleeve shirts
  • Shorts and pants
  • Tee-shirt or long sleeves pullover
  • Polar jacket for cooler days
  • Cap or hat
  • Rainwear
  • Boots for boat fishing
  • Sun screen lotion
  • Insecticide (preferably Watkins type)
  • Camera or video camera
  • Spinning Rod
  • Fly Rod (One hand, 8.6 to 9 feet are the most utilized, for line between 4 and 7, with a floating or sinking silk for the hot days.
  • Sun glasses (preferably polarized)
  • 2 to 6 lbs leaders
  • Fly box with set of dry, drowned flies & streamers
  • Lures type as Toronto Wobbler - Lake Clear - Banana - Chain… (all lures will preferably be blue, yellow, red, copper or silver)
  • Life jackets & worms

However, we have a complete set of flies, lures & worms to be sold at our store & are certified agent for Québec’s fishing license.

Do not hesitate to question us for any other information’s.

Season and schedules:

Brook Trout Fishing

Our trout fishing begins on May 9th and finishes from around May 20th to September 30th of each year
The arrivals are planned for 16:00 & the departures for 14:00


July & August: 64 °F to 86 °F / 18°C to 30°C
May, June, September: 50°F to 77°F / 10°C to 25°C

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