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Atlantic Salmon Fishing

Our specialty: sight fishing of Atlantic salmon

Un saumon dans la rivière Bonaventure en Gaspésie

True paradise for anglers since several generations, Gaspésie host of several salmon rivers among most famous in the world. Crystalline water of incredible limpidity allows us this incomparable activity of “sight fishing”' Salmo Salar in river. Accompanied by a guide, in boat or with waders, you will be capable to observe this lord of our water in his habitat during its summer fresh water migration. Bonaventure and Cascapédia rivers are on the menu for this ultimate adventure which is the capture of an Atlantic salmon with a fly. Our outfitter is located near the most Atlantic salmon’s productive rivers in the world and we make it possible to our guests to fish on two of them.

The Bonaventure River

The splendid Bonaventure River, with crystal clear water, takes its source in the Park of Gaspésie and flows in Baie-des-Chaleurs after running more than125 kms from north to south. River with high spring flow, it remains one of most constant flow river in summer and this, due to a continual supply of water located full center of the mountain chains of the Gaspésie peninsula. Thus, during stormy periods as well as dry season, low water levels are not likely to compromise your fishing stay, since Bonaventure River has this capacity to regularize its flow guaranteeing clear water and constant surface currents to you. The Bonaventure River is one of most famous of Gaspésie for sight fishing salmon with a quality of exceptional water: It’s besides of habit, for guides, of drinking the river’s water when comes time to seal their thirst. The annual salmons spawning run (2 500 to 3 500) position this river among most productive of Quebec. Choice’s destination of the American fishermen, this river remains of great accessibility and offers, in addition great fishing potential, landscapes of rare beauty.

Remise à l'eau d'un saumon dans la rivière Bonaventure

Fishing is practiced there in boat or with waders, depending to navigation’s conditions, and is distributed on several public or fixed quotas sectors. The guide deals with all paperwork’s recording and registration with the various drawing so that fishermen can concentrate only on the fishing activity and benefit entirely from their stay.

Lodging in cottage which can accommodate from 2 to 7 people, as well as a splendid 3*** country Inn being able to accommodate groups of 2 to 10 people are available in a ravishing site holding exclusive rights, located at 30km north of the Bonaventure’s village. All-inclusive “American” plan or “European” plan not including meals are available.

The Cascapédia River

Crossing the Gaspésie peninsula in its center, the Cascapédia River is considered as one of the best ten (10) salmon rivers in the world for the dimension of the salmons which are there. This impressive “top 10” is not only storytelling since it is not rare to face specimens exceeding 15 to 20 kg. Accompanied by a guide, fishing is practiced there in boat or with waders and, although the downstream part of the river would be governed by private exclusive rights, an important area upstream are accessible to the public. Its origin source is from the famous Chic-Chocs Mountains and its descent towards bay of Cascapédia extends on a course of more than 139 km, from which about half is accessible by national road #299. In opposite to its neighbor, the Cascapédia River is not subject to the rule of catch and release of salmons, although we strongly encourage this practice at our fishing activities. Beautiful rugged landscapes, accessibility and productivity, here are the qualifiers that we finds on this splendid river, not to say the possibility of measuring yourself with species easily classifiable as “beast”, which will get you surely memorable fight.

Énorme poisson pêché dans la rivière Cascapédia


All our guests prevailing themselves of an Atlantic salmon’s fishing package will also gain their access right allowing them to brook trout fishing in our 2 lakes, or, with additionnal cost, go tease the striped bass in the salt waters of the Baie des Chaleurs when they return from their salmon’s fishing day. What a beautiful way for finishing a day by catching some beautiful trouts with dry flies when sun goes down. What better supplement of day already filled of emotions !

Our guides

Enthusiastic, skilled, impassioned by their work, the guides will share their knowledge and the best techniques with you to maximize your chances to capture an Atlantic salmon. It’s with your guide that you’ll leave the outfitter in the morning in order to reach different fishing sectors. From there, according to the season and the water’s conditions, fishing in boat or with waders will be recommended. The boats used are 24’ to 26’ long, very safe and specifically designed for this type of water. Safety of our guests being a priority, all instructions will be communicated to you before boarding and this, so that the ride be an integral success part of your fishing’s day. Our guides team, carefully selected, has for first mission to supervise and assist our guests in this top-of-the-range activity. Their capacities to adapt to our customers’ requests were the first criteria’s governing the use of their services on our premises. Undoubtedly quality and personalized services!

Nos guides et leurs installations dans la rivière au Saumon

Season and packages:

Our Atlantic salmon fishing’s season begins from around June 10th to September 30th of each year.

Included in our packages:

Are included; catch and release provincial Atlantic salmon fishing’s license, daily access rights on the river, daily access rights to our lakes, three meals, lodging (double occupancy room), professional fishing guide (1 per 2 fishermen) on the river, greetings at New Richmond or Bonaventure’s railway stations or at the Bonaventure’s airport and all the grounds transportation to the fishing’s. Also included are the registration and different drawings procedure’s assistance for obtaining rods access in the different fixed quotas sectors.

Our guests usually arrive at 16:00 pm the day prior their 1st fishing day to get the welcome cocktail offered by the outfitter and taste the table d’hôte dinner that our chief-cook will have prepared for you. The departure will take place at the end of your last fishing day.

Base calculation’s are for group of 2 fishermen, Québec’s resident status. The daily access rights for public sectors are included, and obtaining access rights in fixed quotas sectors will be subject to price surcharge accordingly. Greetings on arrival will be at a pre-definite meeting’s point or directly at the Falls Gully outfitter’s site.

Atlantic Salmon Federation Preconised by FSA


Salmon fishing
What you must bring ...

  • Short sleeve and long sleeve shirts
  • Shorts and pants
  • Tee-shirt or long sleeves pullover
  • Polar jacket for the cooler days
  • Polar pants or breathing underwear to put in your waders
  • Cap or hat
  • Rainwear
  • Boots for boat fishing & breathing waders, with felts-sole and belt
  • Sun screen lotion
  • Insecticide (preferably Watkins type)
  • Camera or video camera
  • One or two hands fishing rod, according to your preference. Dry fly fishing is carried out more easily using a one hand rod (9 feet for line between 7 and 9 are used, or14 feet for line 9 with a two hands rod), with a floating line or sinking tip especially early in the season.
  • Reel with a good braking system, capable to hold a 140 m (150 yards) of 20 lbs backing.
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Fishing jacket or small light bag or backpack
  • Leader line between 8 to 12 lb
  • Fly box with set of dry and drowned flies: Size of flies to be used always depends on the water conditions and is between size #2 in deep water up to #10 or #12 in low water.

Recommended flies:

Drowned flies
Tiger Ghost Spey, Blackbear green but, Green Highlander, Blue charm or Hary Mary, Spey Torpedo, Undertaker and others.

Mouche Tiger Ghost Spey Mouche Blackbear pour la pêche au saumon Mouche Hary Mary

Dry flies
Blue Killer Whisker (Neptune), Brown bomber, Canuël, Grizzly Killer Whisker (Neptune) and others.

Mouche pour saumon Labatt Bleu Mouche pour pêche saumon Bomber Brun Mouche Killer Whisker Grizzly

Complete sets of fly available on the spot including some “exclusive” models of private creation realized by our guides.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any extra information’s. Falls Gully Outfitter can deal with all necessary arrangements for your transportation to Bonaventure trough Via Rail with departures at Montreal, Drummondville or Quebec. Travel duration between 8 to 12 hours, the train travel is carried out day or of night in “comfort’ class or “sleeper-car”. At of your arrival, our personnel will welcome you and ensure your transport to the outfitter. The home return will be carried out at the end of the last fishing day or the day after, schedule subject to transit and railway services.