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History of Falls Gully Outfitter

Falls Gully Outfitter, the only exclusive rights outfitter in Gaspésie!

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Located in the Canton Robidoux, at roughly 35 kilometers (kms) north of the municipality of New Richmond in Gaspésie, the Falls Gully Outfitter is located at the edge of the ‘Grand Lac Robidoux’ and neighbors the legendary Bonaventure river. Having a single statute of “exclusive rights” on a territory of almost 5.5 square kms results in the complete wildlife management of this territory being entrusted to us. It is the only one of its kind in the Gaspésie peninsula.

Falls Gully Outfitter’s offers a different packages for those who are passionate about hunting and fishing. It is operated onto private & exclusive territories, which are located at the door of the Chics-Chocs mountains and on the shores of Baie-des-Chaleurs. What can we say more about those rivers with crystal clear water, which make this marvelous tourist area of Quebec so famous. Furthermore, we offer native brook trout fishing on the Robidoux lakes where fresh water from underground sources provides a quality habitat to our wild fish found there. Whether you are fishing for Atlantic Salmon on the Bonaventure and Cascapédia rivers, lake trout fishing or a combination of both, and our newborn offer, striped bass fishing onto Baie-des-Chaleurs, you will always be insured of a top-of-the-line service experience. The same applies for our packages for hunting big game, such as moose and the “trophy” white-tailed deer. An astounding view, complete services by qualified personnel and high quality lodging are all of the ingredients to assure you of an unforgettable stay! Make your dreams come true! This is what Falls Gully offers you.

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The Robidoux lakes were discovered by Americans who, coming to fish salmon on the Bonaventure river, landed on the “Grand Lac Robidoux” since no access path existed at that time; around the end of the 1940’s. After discovering these places of extraordinary beauty, they decided on their next visit to also fish on the lakes in addition to salmon into the river, an area which has now become sector C of the river. In 1952, a private club was born, known under the name of “Falls Gully”. The owners at that time used the name of the beautiful waterfalls present on the territory as inspiration for the name of Falls Gully for their establishment. Still today, there is a pit on the Bonaventure river which bears the same name.

Following dismantlement of private clubs in the 70’s, the location was then known as « Robidoux Lakes Outfitter ». Several private owners succeeded since and in January 2013, three passionate promoters of hunting and fishing decided to take over and gave back the name Falls Gully Outfitter to the company, in order to join again with its past. Their mission is to continue the work , while improving the products and service offerings to its faithful and respected customers.

This paradise for fishermen and hunters is found in Gaspésie, bordered on one side by the Baie-des-Chaleurs and the other by the Chics-Chocs mountains, where wildlife and comfort await you. Whether you’re alone, with your family, are a group of friends or a couple, this destination is made for you! It is more than ever time to discover this hidden jewel of Gaspésie.

The business philosophy of Team Falls Gully is to make you have an unforgettable experience fishing or hunting, to provide a high level of service, lodging and meals, all in a comfortable and relaxed environment, far from worries of the daily newspaper.

With the pleasures of welcoming you on our premises!

Martin Poisson
Associated owner and professional hunting and fishing guide.

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